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Danner Roofing & Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Danner Roofing & Construction

Have a question? We have the answer! Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information.

How long do your warranties last? 

Our roofers offer up to 20-year warranties.

Can I do an overlay or do I have to do a complete tear-off? 

Depending on the number of layers and the level of moisture, there are times our roofers are able to do an overlay without a complete tear-off.

Are you licensed and insured? 

Yes, we have workers' compensation and general liability. Contact our roofers today to learn more about our safety standards.

How long will my roof project take? 

This depends on the size of the project and the scope of work. Our roofers will give you a rough timeline if you call us for a free estimate today!

How much does a new roof cost? 

This is based on the size of your house and the scope of work we are doing for your new roof. Give our roofers a call today for a free estimate!

What types of materials do you use? 

Our roofers use Owen's Corning, IKO, and GAF, which are the top-tier industry products available right now.

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